What We Do At Students Care


Our Mission

Students Care is a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the college experience for students with disabilities by facilitating reliable and responsive student to student care, and by building relationships between students and clients that support integration into the college community.


What we provide

As an organization Students Care provides a multitude of services for students with disabilities.  We provide potential employees for Consumer Choice Home and Community Based Services, communication and scheduling assistance, tutoring, close friends, and so much more.  We meet with each individual student and work to create a flexible system that allows them to receive the assistance they require while also giving the student the ability to manage the always hectic college student schedule.

Students Care has completely improved the way that I receive care while at school and has given us the opportunity to improve the lives of college students across the world.
— Michael Penniman, Co-Founder/Quadripilegic Student at The University of Iowa

What We've Achieved

  • Matched over 40 students at the University of Iowa with students with disabilities.

  • Assist with the care systems of six full time students attending college in Iowa City.

  • Provide weekly tutoring to students in need.

  • Developed life-long relationships between all of the students involved in our organization.

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